The Public Sector HealthCare Roundtable is a non-partisan, member-directed coalition that exists to give public sector health care purchasers and State and local health plan administrators a voice in the design, development, and implementation of national health care policy. The Roundtable does this by providing in-depth policy analysis and a forum to collectively engage with key decision-makers in Washington, D.C. Benefits provided by Roundtable members have a far-reaching positive impact on the State economies and help to fuel a robust provider network and health care delivery system that benefits all citizens.

News and Updates

Guided by specific principles, the Roundtable policy team provides background information and policy analysis on timely purchaser priorities.

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Priorities and Engagement

Members of Congress and Federal health care program and policy experts are always anxious to hear the experiences and opinions of actual health care purchasers. The Roundtable provides a clear and experienced voice on behalf of public sector health care purchasers.

Priorities and Action Agenda

Roundtable Events

The Roundtable provides important opportunities for members to engage with key decision-makers in Congress and the Executive Branch, including briefings, substantive in-person meetings, and a first-class annual conference.

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About Us

The Roundtable is a unique opportunity – for public purchasers of all sizes and program models – to work together to help ensure high quality health care benefits at the best value for the plan sponsors and participants.

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Strategic Relationships

The Roundtable works with other leading health care coalitions as well as national and state-based organizations that represent public employees, employers, and retirees to advance our common goals.

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