Public Sector Health Care Purchasers

Membership in the Roundtable is open to any statewide, regional or local governmental unit that provides health care coverage for public employees, retirees and/or their survivors.

Annual dues are based on the number of lives covered by the member’s health care program. See the chart below.

Number of Lives Covered Annual Dues
More than 5,000 $2,800
2,501 to 5,000 $1,000
2,500 or less $500

National, State, and Local Organizations

Any national, statewide, regional or local organization that represents the interests of public sector health care sponsors, employees or retirees may become an associate member.

Organization Annual Dues
National $2,500
Statewide $500
Local $500

A public sector health plan is not eligible to join as an associate member.

Corporate Members

To be considered for membership as a Corporate Member, a firm must meet each of the following qualifications:

  1. The firm must work with one or more active Roundtable members in an advisory, consulting or management capacity.
  2. The firm must submit a written application to the Board of Directors.
  3. The firm’s application must be sponsored by an active Roundtable member.

Corporate Membership dues is $3,000.

Corporate Membership is granted to a firm, not an individual. The firm and one contact person will be identified in the Roundtable’s Membership Directory.