19th Annual Conference and Business Meeting Agenda | Speakers

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Politics and People Shaping the Washington Policy Landscape
—-☐ Nia-Malika Henderson – (Learn About Speaker)

Innovative Trends in Wellness and Disease Management Programs: Off the Shelf May Not Be Cutting It
—-☐ Noel Cruse – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Debbie Donaldson – (Learn About Speaker)

Federal Health Care Policy and Public Sector Purchasers: Perspectives from The White House
—-☐ Christen Linke Young – (Learn About Speaker)

Trends in Federal Health Care Policy: Congress, the Executive Branch, and Public Sector Purchasers
—-☐ Michelle Stein – (Learn About Speaker)

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Assessing State Employee Health Care Affordability Strategies: Research and Practice
—-☐ Sabrina Corlette, J.D. – (View PresentationLearn About Speaker)

Emerging Solutions: Maximizing your Healthcare Investment – View Presentation
—-☐ Colleen Huber – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Richard (Curt) Dame – (Learn About Speaker)

Reflections on Health Policy in the 118th Congress: Accomplishments to Date and Opportunities for Progress
—-☐ Jacquelyn Incerto – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Eva DuGoff – (Learn About Speaker)

Incentivizing Quality and Driving Innovation: Employers’ Shift to Value-Based Care and Benefit Design
—-☐ Dan Mendelson – (Learn About Speaker)

The Economics of Health Reform: Addressing Rising Drug Prices and Implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act
—-☐ Richard Frank – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)

The Cost of Obesity in America: An Urgent Need to Improve Access and Coverage for Obesity Treatment
—-☐ Michael S. Kolber – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Dr. William H. Dietz, MD, PhD – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Tricia Pool – (Learn About Speaker)

Who’s Really Paying for your Pre-Medicare Healthcare Plans?
—-☐ Trevis Parson, FSA, FCA, MAAA – (Learn About Speaker)

Looking Ahead: Federal Policy Trends in Medicare Advantage and Employer Group Waiver Plans
—-☐ Tom Bednar – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Mark Hamelburg – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Greg Jones – (Learn About Speaker)

Update from the National Institute for Public Employee Health Care Policy: Accomplishments to Date and Cost Containment Survey Findings – View Presentation
—-☐ Marta Green – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Shiven Bhardwaj – (Learn About Speaker)

Unpacking the Impacts of Provider Consolidation and Supporting Market Competition
—-☐ Emily Gee – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Benjamin Ukert – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)

Friday, November 3, 2023

The Future of Mental Health Care: Advancing Evidenced-Based Policies, Practices, and Programming
—-☐ Patrick Kennedy – (Learn About Speaker)

Pioneering Strategies to Spark Innovation in Health Equity
—-☐ Tamara Smith – (Learn About Speaker)

Empowering Communities: Taking Action Against Social Isolation and Loneliness for Beneficiaries
—-☐ Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PH.D. (Learn About Speaker)

Advocacy in Action: Strategies to Win in Washington
—-☐ Melissa A. Schulman – (Learn About Speaker)


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