18th Annual Conference and Business Meeting Agenda | Speakers

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Challenges Facing Public Sector Purchasers – An Overview
—-☐ Christin (Chris) Deacon – (Learn About Speaker)

Drug Pricing 201: Mapping the Drug Supply Chain
—-☐ Marshall Votta – (View PresentationLearn About Speaker)

The Great Convergence: How to Strengthen Workforce Resilience in the Public Sector – (View Presentation)
—-☐ Kathryn Reilly – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Mike Pasterick – (Learn About Speaker)

The Future of Telehealth: Assessing, Expanding and Paying for Virtual Care
—-☐ Joseph V. Agostini, MD – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Health Care Policy: Perspectives from The White House
—-☐ John M. Barkett – (Learn About Speaker)

New Congress, National Challenges: What to Expect in the Post-Midterm Political Environment
—-☐ Sam Stein – (Learn About Speaker)

The Biden Administration and a New Congress: A Look at Federal Health Care Policy in 2023
—-☐ Anand Parekh, MD – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)

Access, Quality, and Value: A Discussion of Consumer and Public Sector Shared Priorities
—-☐ Frederick Isasi, J.D., M.P.H. – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)

Markets, Trends, and Health Policy: What to Expect in 2023
—-☐ Sara R Collins, Ph.D. – (View PresentationLearn About Speaker)

The Movement to Value-Based Care: Perspectives from the CMS Innovation Center
—-☐ Purva Rawal, Ph.D. – (View PresentationLearn About Speaker)

Addressing Drug Costs: Implementing the “Inflation Reduction Act” and Future Reform Efforts
—-☐ Bonnie Washington – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in America: Congressional Update
—-☐ Mandar Jadhav, MD – (Learn About Speaker)

The Medicare Advantage and EGWP Federal Policy Political Landscape: Stakeholder Perspectives – (View Presentation)
—-☐ Tom Bednar – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Greg Gierer – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Mike Steiner
—-☐ James Michel

Introducing the Institute for Public Sector Retiree Health Care Policy
—-☐ Marta Green – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)

Friday, November 11, 2022

Our Shared Washington Policy Priorities: Protecting and Achieving the Highest Quality Employer Benefits
—-☐ Jim Klein – (View PresentationLearn About Speaker)

Innovations in Medicare Advantage: CHRONIC 2.0? – (View Presentation)
—-☐ Anne Tumlinson, Ph.D. – (View PresentationLearn About Speaker)
—-☐ Andrej Vlahcevic – (View PresentationLearn About Speaker)

Pharmacogenomics: Legislative Efforts and Real-world Results Advance a New Standard of Care
—-☐ Jane Cheshire Gilbert (View Presentation)
—-☐ Jeffrey Shaman, Ph.D., MS – (Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Cynthia A Bens – (Learn About Speaker)

Social Determinants of Care – Who’s Investing in What?
—-☐ Dr. Rae Godsey, DO, MBA – (View PresentationLearn About Speaker)
—-☐ Joanna Balogh-Reynolds, DNP, MSN, RN-BC – (View Presentation / Learn About Speaker)
—-☐ Katrina Daniel – (Learn About Speaker)

Revisiting Our IRA Webinar – A Working Buffet Luncheon