Webinar – Health Care Trends and their Policy Implications

Featuring the results of the 2020 Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey

The projected increases in health plan costs for 2020 are similar to those from last year but increases for high-cost specialty prescription drugs should continue to skyrocket. According to the Segal Survey, more than ever, plan sponsors need to decide how to balance coverage of what are often lifesaving drugs with overall plan affordability. That’s just one insight from the 2020 Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey, our 23rd annual survey of organizations that collectively represent more than 80 percent of the commercially insured and self-insured market. The Roundtable hosted a discussion of the survey’s results with a companion discussion regarding the policy implications of those trends.

Edward A. Kaplan, Senior Vice President, National Health Practice Leader, Segal Co.
Ilyse Schuman, Senior Vice President, Health Policy, American Benefits Council

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